Stoke on Trent Locksmith

Stoke on Trent Locksmith


24 Hour Local Stoke on Trent Locksmith, when you call us you speak directly to a Locksmith and not a call centre. We provide highly skilled locksmiths to Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas.
All of our work is completed to the highest standards and comes with a 12m warranty on all parts and labour.
Our locksmiths use fully fitted mobile workshops to ensure that your locksmithing needs can be completed on-site to minimise disruption.

Your security and satisfaction is our number one priority, you can trust us to deliver an excellent service every time.

Call us now on 07411 30 66 66

When you call a Stoke on Trent Locksmith you should ensure that they are actually based in Stoke on Trent. National companies who advertise locally have no actual Locksmiths, they ring around to find someone to do the job and add a large fee on top of the real price. Our Stoke on Trent Locksmiths are all genuine Local Locksmiths, who live and work in Stoke on Trent.

Booking direct with Rockley Lock & Safe.

  • Saves you money, no add on charges.
  • Saves you time, the Locksmith is always nearby.
  • Gives a professional service every time.
  • Supports genuine local companies.

The following pictures should help to identify your lock when you call us.